Kelowna Retirement Homes


Leisure and Recreation

The Kelowna Retirement Homes is the perfect place to increase one's general physical and mental health. We know residents value their well-being and therefore we offer a wide variety of social, cultural and recreational activities. Residents are able to stay active and engaged while participating in a strong, thriving community. The core of our program is our Enhanced Living Services. In addition, we provide a range of activities directed by our experienced Activities Coordinator.

Our dedicated coordinator organizes everything from exercise classes to fun theme nights, to live entertainment. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Residents' favourite activities include games such as euchre and bingo, as well as movie nights and Hockey Night in Canada. Our regular Happy Hours feature music and socializing.

We are famous for our themed dinners and holiday celebrations. The Kelowna Retirement Homes staff work hard to organize seasonal events that are truly memorable. At Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day everyone gets into the party spirit, dresses up, and enjoys the decorations and entertainment.

Homestyle Dining

The Kelowna Retirement Homes menu features nutritious, home-style cooking. We strive to create a relaxed dining atmosphere that suits the overall relaxed and tranquil character of The Kelowna Retirement Homes. Whether serving in our stylish dining room, or outside on our beautiful outdoor patio, our staff aims to wow residents with delicious, memorable meals.

Our cooks prepare all meals from scratch using fresh, local, Okanagan produce. We even have our own beautiful garden that produces seasonal ingredients for our tasty and delectable meals. Our aim is to create a menu that residents never tire of. Our aim is for residents to be able to enjoy the type of meals they would be proud to serve to their own families.

Our dining program provides residents with home-cooked meals twice daily. In the morning, residents enjoy a continental breakfast and in the evening a five-course meal. Residents who do not wish to cook for themselves can request our lunch program. In addition, afternoon refreshments are provided daily. During the summer, residents are often treated to mouth-watering outdoor barbeques.

Housekeeping Services

Our commitment is to simplify life for our residents. With someone else taking care of the chores, residents have more time to spend time with the people they love, doing the things they like to do.

At The Kelowna Retirement Homes, weekly housekeeping services are provided to assist residents with their home cleaning. The weekly schedule of light housekeeping duties is flexible enough to suit each resident's needs. The housekeeping program includes the laundering of bed and bath linens.

For daily personal laundry, residents have access to the complimentary laundry facility on site. For residents who prefer not to launder their own personal items, additional services can be scheduled. There is also the option to request extra cleaning services as needed. We aim to accommodate the needs of residents who need extra assistance with tasks around the home.

Enhanced Living

The Kelowna Retirement Homes is an Independent Living Facility, designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of residents by providing a wide range of services through our Enhanced Living Programs.

Residents have peace of mind knowing that their needs are taken care of 24 hours a day by our on-site staff. The Kelowna Retirement Homes staff check the status of residents regularly to ensure their safety and security. All residents are supplied with emergency response pendants for extra security. Staff will readily assist residents by coordinating external nursing, medical and placement services.

Residents appreciate the convenience of The Kelowna Retirement Homes regularly scheduled specialist visits. Residents can have their needs taken care of right in the comfort of their own home by Hairdressers, Oral Hygienists and Podiatrists.

The dedicated staff of The Kelowna Retirement Homes aim to help residents reduce daily stresses and maintain an optimal quality of life.