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Kelowna Retirement Residences - The normal lifespan of human beings have increased over the years due to the advances in medical care, vehicle and workplace safety and nutrition. The number of active, functional years that a person can enjoy has continued to rise also. Gone are the days where the word senior meant that the person would sit on a porch doing nothing as the world continued on around them. At present, it is more common for older people to spend their retirement years taking on new hobbies, traveling, and making the most of the numerous amenities which retirement facilities could offer. Due to the increased demand for retirement living facilities, there has been more and more new facilities that provide chances for seniors to live actively for as many years as they can.

Active adult or independent communities typically invite those folks who could care for themselves with no or little assistance and those who do not need medical care on-site. Units in an active adult community are normally either homes or apartments and may or may not comprise areas outdoors. Normally, there are amenities and common areas that can be used by all community residents. Community activities may include stuff like walking groups, fitness classes, book clubs, community dinners, golf, card nights and dance classes, just to name some.

When considering a move to an active retirement facility, there are a lot of important factors to think of to help determine if an active community is right for you. Amongst the first things to consider is age since there is a minimum age in the majority of retirement facilities, most commonly 55 years. Other factors consist of whether or not you can care for yourself everyday, if you would like to take part in community activities, if you will enjoy being around a lot of other people of your own age, and if you feel that you are able to and wish to participate in healthy activities like for instance swimming, tennis, golf and walking.

When going through the list of things that will make you a good candidate for an active living community, if you feel that you want to continue to be involved and active in a community, then an active adult living facility might be best for you.

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Kelowna Retirement Homes

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