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List of Retirement Homes in Kelowna

List of Retirement Homes in Kelowna - If in a relationship or married when deciding to make a move into a senior residence, it is very common for one partner not to feel ready or to be resistant to move from their home. Differences of opinion are very common in relationships, and moving into a senior community is no exception.

Amongst the most common disagreements that couples face when talking about retirement is that one member of the relationship does not feel old enough to require moving into a retirement facility. They may be unaware of the age restrictions at retirement homes or they might feel that they are still fully capable of all of the requirements of their lives. They may also harbour an old-school vision of what retirement living entails: sitting in a chair with glazed-over expressions, waiting for the end of their lives to slowly approach. A tour of a retirement facility nearby and a little bit of information can help to clear up some of the numerous misconceptions which the individual might hold and even change their mind!

One member might also feel that living in a smaller house might be very uncomfortable and that they don't truly need to downsize yet. This is one more common excuse for not wanting to move into a retirement community. Many senior living communities have faced individuals who feel this way. For this reason, senior communities may even hold informational services for potential residents to show them what the facility offers in terms of help with relocating or seminars to teach individuals what size of residence they really need. The entire process could still be very overwhelming even when couples have professional help with decision-making and moving. It is always better that couples begin deciding about what they truly want to do during their retirement before a crisis happens and they might not be able to get into their preferred facility. In the event of a medical emergency or crisis, decisions might be left up to the family members and other loved ones and can put strain on family connections.

Furthermore, residents think that they will not have their privacy when they move into a senior community and this is actually the third misconception. Individuals can visualize a dorm-style setting where all areas are shared, even with just one roommate. Facility staff can alleviate this problem easily by letting the person know that although there are many opportunities to socialize, residents can participate as little or as much as they please. They could also show the individual around the facility and let them see what the rooms are like and show them that they have an option as to whether they stay in shared or private quarters.

At the end of the day, moving into a senior living community is a very stressful event in an individual or couple's life, so care should be taken to deal with any problems that a senior might have before they move into the facility.

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Kelowna Retirement Homes

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