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Caretenders Retirement Living

Caretenders Retirement Living was established in 1988 and since that time it has established a successful track record of developing and operating some thirteen retirement communities, primarily in British Columbia, Ontario, and Arizona. Currently, in addition to The Highlands, we operate two residences in Ontario and our newest building, Heaton Place, in Armstrong, B.C.

Caretenders' philosophy is to break away from the cookie-cutter molds of the big retirement home companies and instead offer residents of our facilities something unique. As is true of The Highlands, each of our buildings are specifically tailored to their surroundings to reflect the heart of the greater community; from the style of our building, to our landscaping, services, staff and menu, every aspect of a Caretenders' facility is perfectly adapted to the general feel of the surrounding community so that residents feel like they never left their own home.

In the future, Caretenders will be bringing this philosophy to all their new projects, and are specifically targeting smaller communities so that seniors have the opportunity to stay close to home as their needs change. This makes the transition to independent living much easier as they remain close to their family and friends, and can continue to be active in community groups that they make up such a significant portion of.

By keeping the valuable spirit of seniors close to home, Caretenders is not only caring for the communities within their buildings, but for communities across North America.

Saving money for anything is never too late

Perhaps the biggest and easiest mistake to make, when preparing for retirement, is miscalculating monetary needs during retirement. It is very difficult to predict how much money one will need to live off of for 11 to 19 years, because of how unpredictable the future is. As a retiree, many things can go wrong and the expenses can add up. Retirees should be prepared to pay for additional expenses, like needing to: replace appliances, buy a new car, move and other expenses. This is very difficult to prepare for. Contrarily, saving more money might keep those planning to retire from having more problems in the future.

    Finally, the belief that it is too late to save for retirement is absurd. Saving money for anything is never too late, it would make the situation better. Saving for retirement should start at an early age, however it is never late. Beginning to save for retirement, when the person has not, would only make the person's financial situation in the future better.

    Perhaps the best way to get more money during retirement, when someone is running short on cash, would be to invest in stocks or commodities, like gold and silver. If the retiree's stocks raise in value, then the profits could account for the rise in inflation, or other expenses. Stocks can increase the amount of money a retiree might have, however this happens if the stock is stable. It is important not to sacrifice stability for growth, thus bonds might be a better investment than certain stocks. Investments could help the amount of money the retiree has, and can account for inflation, thus investments are helpful for retirees.

    Preparing for retirement can be very difficult, there is no “magic number” that people need to save and retire on. Finding out how much money one will need to retire, is based on the rate of inflation and other unpredictable factors, like: underestimating the life expectancy, miscalculating needs, thinking it is too late to start saving. It is difficult to predict how long a person will live when in retirement, but it is better to over estimate than underestimate. A persons needs might vary from year to year. A retiree's health might change, appliances might break or retirees might need to move to a smaller house or apartment. No one should think it is too late to start saving. Saving for anything can start at anytime. It might be too late to save up as much as one might want to retire on, but it will never be too late to save in general. There is a lot of preparing, saving and calculating involved when thinking about retirement. However, the result of the years of saving and preparing are worth the amount of work needed to be put in.