Kelowna Retirement Homes

The Kelowna Retirement Homes is situated on the outskirts of Kelowna, in one of British Columbia's most tranquil and beautiful settings - the Okanagan Valley. The Kelowna Retirement Homes offers Retirement Simplified. Its unique cottage-like design is set amidst gorgeous scenery, combining the atmosphere of a rural retreat with the convenience of urban amenities located mere minutes away.

While relaxing in the peaceful park-like environment, it is easy to forget that the urban center is a short drive away. The Kelowna Retirement Homes presents the perfect opportunity for seniors who seek an enriching experience of community living. The Kelowna Retirement Homes lifestyle is designed to enhance overall health and wellness and remove the burden of daily chores.

There is no need to sacrifice anything when leaving your home and moving into ours. Our commitment to residents is to preserve our tranquil country atmosphere while delivering on our promise of Retirement Simplified.

Recreation Homestyle Enhanced Living

Retirement Homes - Increasingly more elderly and older adults find retirement housing very appealing. Facilities differ greatly in the amenities provided, kinds of housing and level of assistance available. Retirement homes or communities could be made up of independent living quarters, assisted living programs, or a combination of the two.


Assisted Living Kelowna

Assisted Living - A nursing home is a different term more commonly used to describe a skilled nursing facility. This is because of the fact that nurses in these facilities carry the majority of the workload. All of the nurses within a nursing home facility would have varying degrees of qualifications and various specialties. Nurses will closely communicate with the patient's doctors and other members of the healthcare team in order to guarantee proper patient care. Nursing facilities provide around the clock care to those patients whose requirements are not severe enough to need hospitalization, but are severe enough that they need constant monitoring. If required, the physician of the patient could go to the nursing facility.



Kelowna City works along with its several community partners to help and assist the cultural needs of the city. The city received an award of $500,000 in the year 2004, for being named the Cultural Capital of Canada in response to its dynamic and vibrant Cultural District. For the arts, the Kelowna Community Theatre is operated by the City and boasts of an 853-seat location within the Cultural District. The Theatre has been bringing individuals together ever since the year 1062, and it is home to Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Kelowna, Kelowna Community Concert Association, Viva Musica and Theatre Kelowna Society. The City also has Public Art pieces located all through the whole area. These pieces are created by the community's people or non-profit groups...

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